Hey! Hey! I'm Elle. I'm a wedding videographer & photographer born and based in the midwest

Born in Chicago and raised in Indianapolis, I guess I'm a Midwest baby. I'm not much of a talker but when it comes to cameras and wine I can talk alllll dayy long.

Before my wino days I was a young girl out of high school trying to model. Whew... it was scary but  I met so many photographers that taught me the basics about cameras.

Never thinking I would come out a photographer and stop modeling ... "Here I ammmm" 

                           *If you know this song I love you* 

Now videography came earlier in my high school days.

Whoever said high school are you best years lied to me by the way smh moving on......

I was apart of the "Catseye Crew" at Lawrence North High School. We covered the news every morning




                                       A videographer / photographer is born

Now let's back to this wine obsession I have.... teh he.

My fav is Rose.

I'm definitely the photographer bringing the sparkling Rose to the bridal suite. 

I love when you follow me on instagram to connect and now you can watch all my goofy videos via insta stories.

If my work speaks to you let's Chat!